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Work from home? Here are some tips of how to increase your productivity.

Covid-19  caused lots of trouble in every single way. Our life is going on and we have to adapt to our new rhythms. Most of the people must continue their work at home due to the quarantine and the lock down, but when we hear the word “home” the associations we get are – comfort and zoning out.

Our suggestions and easy tips will help you to get out of the comfort zone, concentrate and be productive.

  1. Avoid working on a couch or bed.
  2. Prepare your work surface. Clean your desk and hide all the possible distractions around.
  3. Turn off the notifications and the social media while working and get some privacy (work in an empty room, alone).
  4. Write down all the tasks you have to fulfill
  5. Establish your own deadlines, and don’t forget about pace
  6. Take breaks, don’t go hard on yourself.
  7. Treat yourself with a delicious snack and a drink.

Working at home is easier than you think! Don’t forget to discipline yourself and follow our easy and useful tips. Stay safe!

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