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User Agreement with FINHUB

1.1. Welcome to FINHUB, which is operated and owned by FINHUB AC GmbH & Co KG, limited liability companies, registered in Austria with registered number FN529227, with registered address at Beatrixgasse 27/2/15, 1030 Vienna, Austria (hereinafter referred to as FINHUB). Our services are available through several channels. Our services are currently available. including through the website and (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”).

1.2. Using this Website (hereinafter – this “website”), You express your understanding and acceptance of these terms of use.
If you do not agree to these terms of use, please do not use this website. FINHUB may at any time make changes, improvements and / or changes to these terms of use, the information, names, images, logos and badges described on this site, or the products and services referred to with accuracy, with or without notice, so please regularly check the relevant pages. If you object to any condition, guidance or subsequent changes made to the FINHUB Website, you must immediately stop using the FINHUB Website.
Your continued use of this website after posting any changes to these terms of use will mean that you accept such changes.

1.3. FINHUB provides a wide range of services, including, but not limited to:
1.3.1. Enables the creator of the campaign, which represents a company , no matter whether, he is an individual or legal entity (hereinafter referred to as Campaign Creator), place an investment project and / or Campaign in an effort to raise funds through the FINHUB Website from the side of the Investor, who is a registered user of the Site, which in turn promises a Sum of Investments in relation to the Campaign. Wherein, campaign is a process in which the Campaign Creator posts on the website a crowdfunding campaign (hereinafter referred to as the Campaign) in order to receive support contributions in exchange for providing rewards, or investment amounts in exchange for issuing Shares and / or providing a loan (as the case may be), subject to the achievement of the Target Amount.
1.3.2. It allows the Creator of the campaign to place an investment project and / or Campaign in an effort to raise funds “Donation” through the FINHUB Website by Donors, who in turn are persons, making a donation to the Campaign without any reward or other benefit.

2. A brief description of the User Agreement.

2.1. For your convenience, FINHUB publishes this User Agreement, which contains, including but not limited to:

  • The document governing the terms of use of the site;
  • The document governing the Privacy Policy;
  • A document governing the use of cookies;
  • Document governing FINHUB business conditions;
  • FINHUB Disclaimer;
  • Documents regulating additional aspects of our Services.

2.2. The above documents are published in the User Agreement as Appendices / Supplements and / or links. By accepting this User Agreement, you acknowledge and accept, including that:

2.2.1. you have 18 or more years;

2.2.2. you have fully studied, and you understand the meaning and content of the User Agreement, including, but not limited to all additional documents attached to the User Agreement as Applications and links;

2.2.3. you express directly a desire to continue to use the site after studying and accepting the User’s condition, including, but not limited to all additional documents attached to the
User Agreement;

2.2.4. FINHUB website contains copyrighted materials, trademarks and other confidential information, (in the aggregate, “Intellectual Property”), including text, photos and graphics. Without the prior written permission of FINHUB and / or the copyright holder or unless otherwise expressly permitted by copyright laws, you may not modify, publish, transmit, demonstrate, participate in the transfer or sale, create derivative works or use the contents of this website in any way for commercial purposes. You acknowledge that you are not acquiring any property rights by downloading any content from this site;

2.2.5. The FINHUB website may contain publications with technical inaccuracies or typographical errors that may be corrected as they are discovered at our discretion. In addition, changes are periodically added to the information contained in this document. These corrections and changes may be incorporated into this website at any time at our discretion;

2.2.6. Exclusively at its discretion, FINHUB may post links to other sites on its website, resources, and advertisers. You fully accept and agree that FINHUB is not responsible for the availability of these external websites, and also does not approve and is not responsible for the content, advertising, products or other materials posted on or through such websites. You fully accept and agree that under no circumstances FINHUB will be liable, directly or indirectly, for any loss or damage caused or allegedly caused to the user in connection with such websites;

2.2.7. You hereby provide FINHUB worldwide, free, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive right and license to use, reproduction, modification, adaptation, publication, translation, creation of derivative works, distribution of any documents, product information projects, inventions, trademarks, any intellectual property objects, including but not limited to patents, rights to inventions, copyright and related rights, trademarks, company names and domain names, design rights, rights to goodwill or to a claim for dismissal, unfair competition rights, rights to samples, rights to computer software, rights to databases, rights to topography, rights to confidential information (including know-how and trade secrets) and any other intellectual property rights, in each case, whether registered or unregistered, including all applications (or the right to file an application) to renew and extend or expand such rights and all similar or equivalent rights or forms of protection, that may exist now or in the future in any part of the world;

2.2.8. FINHUB prohibits the use of the FINHUB logo as a “hot” link to this website, unless the creation of such a link is approved in writing by FINHUB;

2.2.9. You confirm your unconditional consent to the collection, processing and use of your personal data by FINHUB in accordance with this User Agreement, including, but not limited to all additional documents attached to the User Agreement as Applications and links. Thus, you agree to the Privacy Policy and agree that FINHUB uses the cookies set out in it, as well as that when using the site, FINHUB has the unconditional right to conduct, including electronic identity verification. This check may leave a so-called “soft mark” in your credit file, which will be visible only to you and will not affect your credit rating. You hereby agree that FINHUB (or one of its service providers) conducts electronic identity verification. You represent and warrant that all information provided by you when registering an account is true, complete, current and correct in all material respects. You agree to notify us in the event of any changes in information by updating your Account information through the user panel;

2.2.10. You confirm your unconditional consent to the collection, processing and use by FINHUB, in addition to your personal data, data about your companies, if necessary, in the opinion of FINHUB for further use of the FINHUB website. In this case, you agree to submit, including the following documents: passport; confirmation of address; company charter; registration / memorandum of incorporation; registered address and legal system managing the company; application form for all shareholders, owning more than 10% of the company’s shares (signed by all the indicated shareholders) and an identity card of these shareholders; and / or; confirmation of the identity of the director or the person authorized to create an account.

2.2.11. FINHUB may reject any registration, close any Account and revoke the User’s access to the Website for any reason, immediately and without notice, in its sole and absolute discretion, including, if you provide false or incorrect information about the User Account, create several accounts or not immediately notify FINHUB about changes in the information of your user profile;

2.2.12. You confirm your unconditional consent that, as part of its administrative investigations, in order to identify and prevent fraud, corruption and any other prohibited actions, FINHUB and / or persons authorized by him collects identification data, professional data and data on participation in cases. More detailed information can be provided in the document regulating the privacy policy.

2.2.13. You confirm your unconditional agreement that participation in various projects can be carried out, as through the conclusion including, but not limited to, treaties, agreements memorandums between:

  • directly between the Campaign Creator and Investors and / or the Donor;
  • between the Campaign Creator on the one hand and FINHUB on behalf of the Investors and / or the Donor on the other hand. At the same time, you agree that FINHUB is permitted to sign in any capacity, including, without limitation, as an agent of the Investor and / or Donor, any document or to take any action, necessary to fulfill any issues set forth in this User Agreement, or any other conditions that supplement this Terms of Service applicable to your transaction using the FINHUB platform. These powers should include, among other things, the signing of any exceptions to preemptive rights, shareholder agreements, loan agreements and other documentation with any Campaign Creator;
  • by means of a fund, with which FINHUB has an agreement.

2.2.14. You acknowledge your unconditional consent to pay in favor of FINHUB, as well as the FINHUB right to withhold FINHUB fees, which are fees, payable to FINHUB as specified in the Terms of Use and / or other additional documents to this User Agreement, which are updated from time to time;

2.2.15. Any taxation of any transaction made through the Platform- Website- FINHUB is the responsibility of the respective user. FINHUB invites every user who intends to complete a transaction to seek independent professional advice before making any transaction. In particular, the availability of any tax benefits is not guaranteed and may depend on issues that are not dependent on the user.

2.2.16. FINHUB provides the Website “as it is” and without any guarantees or conditions, explicit, implied or established by law.

2.2.17. FINHUB, in particular, disclaims any implied guarantees of the legal title, commercial value, suitability for a specific purpose, and non-infringement.

2.2.18. Placement of a Campaign on the Website does not mean that FINHUB recommends investing, donating or lending Campaign money. Furthermore, this does not mean that FINHUB believes that the Campaign will be successful or that the Campaign, any information contained on the Website regarding it and / or any person associated with the Campaign is legal, accurate or not misleading.

2.2.19 Any decision to participate in any Campaign in any way is the decision of the User and only the User. You are advised to seek independent legal and financial advice before participating in any Campaigns, especially if you have any questions or don’t understand the nature of any Campaign or your participation in it.

2.2.20. You cannot rely on any information other than that which is contained on the Site and is directly related to any Campaign, in making any decision to participate in any Campaign in any way.

2.2.21. Unless FINHUB has indicated in these User Terms, that it should exercise due diligence with respect to Users, all users acknowledge and agree that they are responsible for their own due diligence, if they are considering a pledge of any transaction.

2.2.22. All users acknowledge and agree that they should not disclose any information contained in the Campaign (including the description of the Campaign) to any third party without the prior written consent of the owner of such User Content.

2.2.23. FINHUB does not seek to exclude liability for death or personal injury caused by gross negligence, fraud or fraud on the part of FINHUB. If any applicable authority considers any part of this section infeasible, liability will be limited as much as possible, permissible by applicable law.

2.2.24. FINHUB is not responsible for:

  • (a) any errors or omissions on the Site;
  • (b) any error associated with any device used to access the Website;
  • (c) any bandwidth limit that restricts and / or prevents access to the Website;
  • (d) any interruptions (including, among other things, to the ability to access the Site), delays or interruptions in the operation of the Site;
  • (e) any losses resulting from the use of the Site and / or Services;
  • (f) any behavior of users of the Site;
  • (g) any use of third-party software or services;
  • (h) any unauthorized use of any User account.

2.2.25. FINHUB is not liable in the event that any defect or otherwise on the Website results in the loss or inability to access (temporary or permanent) to any User Content.

2.2.26 Under no circumstances shall FINHUB, its shareholders, directors, officers, employees or agents be liable (jointly or separately) to you for loss of use or for any special, incidental, indirect or indirect losses arising out of or in connection with Website or these User Terms, regarding any theory of liability, and whether or not they were warned of the possibility of damage.

2.2.27. You acknowledge and agree to that FINHUB is not responsible for the accuracy of any information, published on the Site by Users, and does not guarantee that any information appearing on the Site, is accurate, true or complete. FINHUB specifically excludes liability for any loss, harm, suffering or damage, incurred by you or any third party as a result of inaccurate information appearing on the Site.

2.2.28. The Website and any User Content displayed on it may contain facts, opinions, recommendations and tips. These views, opinions, recommendations, and tips are not owned by FINHUB and are not supported by FINHUB. FINHUB shall not be liable in the event that any User Content is libelous, misleading, incomplete or incorrect. Likewise, FINHUB is not liable in the event that any fact is false or misleading. You should not rely on any information, article or advice contained on the Site. Any article or information contained on the Website is a general summary and should not be considered as specific legal, financial or professional advice.

2.2.29. FINHUB reserves the right to provide the Website and the Services at its sole discretion.

2.2.30. You agree to release and retain FINHUB and its associated companies, as well as each of their respective shareholders, directors, officers, employees, agents and trading partners, without prejudice to any third-party lawsuits or grounds for action, including reasonable attorney fees and legal costs, arising, directly or indirectly, due to your use of the Website or your violation of any law or the rights of third parties.


3.1. Although FINHUB has taken commercially reasonable technical and organizational measures to protect your personal information and User Content from unauthorized use, FINHUB cannot guarantee that unauthorized third parties will never be able to defeat these measures. You acknowledge that you provide your personal information and User Content at your own risk.

4. Any document attached below or a link to it, as well as the documents listed in paragraph
2.1., Is an integral part of the User Agreement. By accepting this User Agreement, you confirm that you have studied all documents by gaining access to them by opening them or having studied it by clicking on the appropriate link.

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