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Still carrying a wallet full of cards, receipts and cash? It’s time to keep up with the innovations regarding finances- mobile wallets.

Today more and more providers are launching payment apps on the market. The latest high demand is simply explained by the easy usage and comfort.

Here are some advantages and reasons for you to create a personal account for a web wallet. Safety- digital wallets usually provide extra layers of biometric authentication such as fingerprint scans & facial recognition. Also these payment methods are less likely to be lost or stolen as an actual credit card or cash.

Tracking transactions- electronic receipts can be used to help consumers keep a better track of their resources spendings and reduce paper waste for checks and receipts.

And last but not least- the speed of the transactions- mobile payments are fast and easy, there is no more need to waist time, one click, authentication and everything is done.

Most customers have an already installed app, provided by their smartphone vendors, like Apple, Android, or Samsung. The opportunities and choices don’t end here, there are providers starting from companies like PayPal, to banks and to even retailers and restaurants.

Here are some of the best rated mobile wallets you can install on your smartphone: Android Pay, Apple Pay, Microsoft wallet, Samsung pay, Wisa VDCA, Mastercard Masterpass, PayPal, Square, Venmo, Ria, Target, Western Union, and individual banks apps and retail merchant wallets.

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