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Racial inequality was, is and will always be a tough topic.

Today, the riots, due to the death of George Floyd, affected the businesses of America and some European counties as well.

The standing up for human rights of all the grieving and supporting ones got messy and it lead to violent actions. Sadly, the protests became more than just a statement and a beg for justice, but an opportunity for stealing and destroying, for some of those who did not intend to combat racism in a peaceful way and took advantage of the moment. As the records show, these are some of the companies which registered significant losses: “Apple”, “Mercedes-Benz”, “Nike”, luxury stores like “Gucci”, “Versace” and all the other stores from the Fashion Squares, “Target”, restaurants, barbershops, beauty zones, shopping malls and many others.

Vandalism lead to property damage and stealing. The mentioned brands have the opportunity to reopen later and recover, due to the incomes and success on the market but what about small businesses? They suffered the most, since lots of entrepreneurs invested their last resources, loans and borrowed funds and now they have to figure out how to deal with the wastes. Will they have the possibility to start again?

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