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Are you overwhelmed and crave for a sit back?

Sometimes we need to take a rest from our daily routines and work. Reading was always considered a good way of time spending and meditation, so in this article we would like to suggest you our top 3 books about money, business and life.

  • «Think and Grow Rich» (1937) by Napoleon Hill«Think and Grow Rich» is an all time classic book and a must have for everybody. It can be read as an introduction into the business world or as a valuable insight into the psychology of success. It’s a bestseller around the world (100 million copies sold worldwide) which contains 13 principles for success and personal achievements. Hill’s philosophy is a result of 20 years of researches based on his collaborations with successful people.
  • «Rich Dad Poor Dad» by Robert KiyosakiThis classic is another must have for reading, New York Times nr.1 bestseller book in the finance category. Kiyosaki’s view is that the poor and middle class is working for money, but the upper class is working to learn. This book can change your view regarding money and the whole system. It highlights the importance of financial independence and building wealth through investing in assets, real estates, business and financial intelligence.
  • «The Intelligent Investor» by Benjamin GrahamThis book is considered the “stock market bible.” This is a classic investment guide that has proven the timelessness of the wisdom it offers. Originally published in 1949, the author suggests and shows strategies for developing long-term investment and helps avoiding significant errors. The book provides a historical perspective on investing and a comparison with current market conditions due to the new edition.

And remember, it’s never too late to expand our horizons and learn something new.

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