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BEROXFOOD Natural Ingredients

Berox Food GmbH was founded in Germany in 2011 as the result of many years of experience in the trade of starches and their derivatives on the world markets as well as in the Ukrainian market.

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Profile of the company

Berox Food GmbH was founded in Germany in 2011 as the result of many years of experience in the trade of starches and their derivatives on the world markets as well as in the Ukrainian market.
The company’s head office is located in Berlin, Germany.
For 8 years the company has gained a good reputation and proved to have been developing dynamically. A significant progress has been made in sales of starches and other textured products. The company has considerably expanded the scope and geography of product sales worldwide. At present we operate across more than 34 countries of the world. We are extremely proud to provide our loyalty, high quality to the best of our abilities.
The company sells products exclusively under its own brand name, Berox Food, which is recognized as an eco-brand of high-quality products.
Our leading industry partners are Cargill, Avebe, Südstärke, WPPZ Lubon, PPZ Trzemeszhno, PPZ Niechlow, Zetpezet, and others.

Concept of the project

Potato starch is a natural and an essential ingredient in the whole food industry. It is extracted from the potato. The second valuable component in potato, which is of an extremely high value, is protein.
Europe is currently considered to be the largest potato producer in the world after China, and the most powerful industrial producer of this culture. The main areas of its growth are concentrated predominantly in northern regions of Europe.
Potato protein is a natural high-nutritional supplement and is used in feeding animals. The markets have a significant shortage of this product, which gives great prospects for its production.

The project concept includes:

• Development of domestic production of potato starch and protein.
• Attracting foreign investment.
• Construction of a new, technologically-advanced enterprise using state-of-the-art equipment on the territory of either Poland or Germany.
• Development of the agrarian sector of the region.

• Creates about 50 jobs and additional taxes for the region.
• Export of products to different regions of the world.

The total cost of the project:

The total cost of the investment project is about 14,032,831 EUR. The sum of 10,883,713 EUR is the contractual cost of the production line, it is planned to take a bank (venture) loan or investment for a term of 5 years for the purchase, an annual rate of 4% plus a commission. To cover the remaining costs an investment of 3,149,118 EUR is required. Moreover, taking into account the seasonality of starch sales to cover cash gaps, for the first year, about 4,000,000 EUR are required to replenish working capital. The cost of bringing these funds to the calculation – 6% per annum including the commission. Due to accumulated profit and the creation of a reserve fund of 5,000,000 EUR in subsequent years, the company will not require the attraction of working capital.
Consolidated table of financing needs of the investment project

Potato starch Fabric 2019 EN(Larsson)
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