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Apartment building TINERETULUI

The project is located in a central and quiet region in a park area, and is an ideal combination of natural and urban rhythm of life in the immediate vicinity

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The project is located in a central and quiet region in a park area, and is an ideal combination of natural and urban rhythm of life in the immediate vicinity of Tineretului Park.

Parc Tineretului has an area of ​​more than 80 hectares and is located at the end of Dmitry Cantemir Boulevard in an area called Valea Plangerii, not far from the business centre of the Romanian capital. This green zone was represented in the architectural scheme in 1935, but its implementation began in 1965, and work continued until 1974. The project, prepared by architect Valentin Donos (Bucharest Design Institute), provided for the creation of a large green area for recreation and rehabilitation of the population from residential buildings in the southern part of the city. Inside the park is the Ioan Kunst- Ghermanescu Hall (formerly Sala Polivalenta) for cultural events and sporting events with a capacity of up to 12 thousand people. Near the residential areas in the park there are large playgrounds, recreation areas, a pier. The designer realized a large lake with an area of ​​13 hectares, naturally fed by groundwater and three islands, two of which are connected to the shore by small bridges that harmoniously fit into the configuration of the winding shores and are pleasant visual landmarks.

The idea of ​​the investment project is the construction of an apartment building in the city of BUCHAREST, ROMANIA. In this house, 1-2-3-4 room apartments are located, the entrance is through auxiliary premises ( entrance s). In addition to apartments, the apartment building has commercial premises and an underground car park. Near the apartment building there is a fenced house area , which is used to provide a more comfortable environment for residents of the house. On the territory of the house there are parking places for cars, parking for bicycles, a playground. The residential building has a “point” configuration, two driveways. For a relative mark of 0.000, the mark of the net floor of the first floor is taken. The project was carried out according to the scheme S + P + 11E (basement, ground floor, 11 residential floors)

Basement (S) is intended for laying utilities and installing technical rooms (ventilation chambers, water metering station, pumping room, ITP, sprinkler fire extinguishing system, switchboard), storage pantry for cleaning equipment and two evacuation exits of the underground car park). At the ground level. 1-11 floors – 1,2,3,4-bedroom apartments and a staircase and elevator block.

Parterre (P) is intended for the location of commercial space intended for sale.

Residential floors (11E) are designed to accommodate 143 units of apartments of various configurations and areas.

Number of apartments:

1-room – in the amount of 11 units;

2-room apartments – in the amount of 55 units;

3-room apartments – in the amount of 44 units;

4-bedroom apartments – in the amount of 33 units;

The connection between the floors of residential units in each section is carried out by means of a smoke-free stairwell, which provides access to all floors and the roof, as well as a passenger-and-freight elevator with a lifting capacity of up to 630 kg.

Apartment building TINERETULUI
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