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Today more and more companies start to pay attention at our environment and ecology, and this is indeed a right thing to do.

According to marketing researches, those who decide to go green, gain much more profit than others. The explanation for this is brief and simple- it’s a vital decision and a huge trend on the market right now. Companies replace plastic wraps and packages with resistant plant leaves, cardboard, paper etc.  The “Bio”, “Eco-Friendly” or “Natural” inscriptions attract lots of consumers due to the idea of the environmental improvement contribution. Mind games, psychological tricks and effective marketing strategies affect our daily choices.

Here are a few ways of going green. The first actions and changes must be done at the offices and the factories. Later change the concept of the company itself and make a life changing difference.

For starters – office supplies and energy usage. A small start is still a start. Replace plastic straws, cups, plates and cutlery with “eco-friendly” ones and unplug electronic devices which are not used, in order to reduce the amount of energy consumption.

Conserve water and be aware of the resources, try to not waist it in considerable amounts if not needed.

Invest in sustainable energy. Choosing renewable sources of energy at the office can involve big investments but it will greatly reduce carbon eliminations. If you are interested in this topic, Finhub has several projects regarding renewable resources and energy.

If you ask, what are the benefits of going green, we already have a few answers.

Providing a healthy work environment for you and your employees, saving money, having a great reputation and of course a great income are some of the benefits you will obtain. Don’t hesitate, Go Green.

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