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Getting Started
Finhub is a unique platform that connects investors and companies that seek investment on one arena. We offer an irreplaceable environment that brings comfort of investments to a totally new level.
Once you've decided to start a project, you’ll find plenty of tools and options that will let you organize the project so, it fits your schedule and budget.

Why do people invest in projects? It depends on their beliefs regarding the success rate of any given project. However, investors are more likely to choose projects that suits and links with their professional life along with technological, political, social and economic perspective in terms of the project.

We earned the trust of our partners, due to the innovative decision to provide a unique virtual space that brings investors and projects that seek investment to a click distance.
What project creators can do ?

Project creators are required to provide specific and truthful data about their project. Creators can implement any business or economic technique that they consider suitable to attract investments.

What should you offer?

• project presentation
• cash flow analysis
• economic diagrams
• photos
• videos
• documentation

What should you not offer?

Fake content is prohibited on our website.

How to price?

The amount of required investments must be confirmed by the attached documentation, which clearly indicates the data, related to the description of the project costs in accordance with the amount requested from investors.

Our Advice
Finhub has won the loyalty and trust of its clients by providing a unique and revolutionary service that connects investors and companies from all over the world, therefore your success story mostly depends on you. We are always happy to provide support to our customers in order they to achieve the maximum potential rate of success.
Why Finhub is a safe place to start a project ?
We are checking everyone account

As a measure of safety Finhub Team is checking every user that registers with us.


The documentation provided by our clients can be safely stored within the Finhub platform with possibility of restricted access to certain parts of the documents, on the solicitation of the costumer.

We are using security tools

Our security team protects the platform from any suspicious intervenience and guarantees that Finhub is a safe place to explore, invest and seek investment.

Easy 4 steps to start a project
01.Create an Account
Sign Up and confirm an account
02.Create a Project
For start a project you must have register with us
03.Pass the Verification
Submit all the necessary documents to pass the verification
04.Final Step
After checking, your project will be placed on the platform for further investments
Ready to Start with Finhub?
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Guideline for Investors

About how to start investing.

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