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Gold has always been an important and valuable resource with a high demand. The metal maintains its value through generations unlike paper currency or coins. Historically, gold has always been a great barrier against inflation because of its ambition to increase in value when the cost of living increases. Out of all the precious metals, gold was always the most popular as an investment project and extensively used in the global investment industry. In 2018, the precious metal had the sixth highest average daily trading volume globally.

2 years ago

Today all the online platforms are the perfect sources for promoting businesses and targeting potential consumers. This is a cost-effective way of advertising which can open up several opportunities and new dimensions to your business.

A proper time management will lead to a peaceful work process. Deadlines are always stressful, but not when having everything set in place. If you will properly schedule the needed time to complete your work, you’ll be able to hit your deadlines every time.

Tourism is a vital sector of the economy for all the countries of the world. We all know that due to the pandemic the world is on a lockdown as well as traveling is on hold for an unknown period of time.

The standing up for human rights of all the grieving and supporting ones got messy and it lead to violent actions. Sadly, the protests became more than just a statement and a beg for justice, but an opportunity for stealing and destroying, for some of those who did not intend to combat racism in a peaceful way and took advantage of the moment. As the records show, these are some of the companies which registered significant losses: “Apple”, “Mercedes-Benz”, “Nike”, luxury stores like “Gucci”, “Versace” and all the other stores from the Fashion Squares, “Target”, restaurants, barbershops, beauty zones, shopping malls and many others.

2 years ago

Due to the existing circumstances, no one can exactly predict or forecast the future actions and outcomes. Public Health Organizations among Intellectual Forces and Governments of several affected countries are trying to reload little by little, industries with a major condition- obeying all the epidemiologic norms. But how will operate those, whose businesses are depending on other ones? For example chains, where the companies can’t activate while their suppliers are still closed. This is a tough situation, where only time will show how things will work out.

2 years ago

Covid-19  caused lots of trouble in every single way. Our life is going on and we have to adapt to our new rhythms. Most of the people must continue their work at home due to the quarantine and the lock down, but when we hear the word “home” the associations we get are – comfort and zoning out.

Having the right to use the existing business system, selling products or services without producing them and having support from the franchisor, seems like a great opportunity for those who have resources and a desire of increasing them.

2 years ago

As we all know, a motivated employee is the key to success. The productivity of a satisfied and happy employee, willing to work is always increased as well as the income of the company. The question is -How to motivate?

2 years ago
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