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Amazon is known as one of the most successful online market and recognized worldwide. Now the company is making an even bigger step into the grocery business by opening a new supermarket later this year.

In the early days of the Coronavirus pandemic back in April, the company temporarily opened the store as an online shop for fulfilling grocery deliveries to expand its offerings.

The New York Times reported in July 2019 that Amazon was searching for a new type of grocery store that would combine traditional shopping with online pickup. The Wall Street Journal and others also reported last year that Amazon was planning to open dozens of grocery stores in the United States. The new grocery store won’t be like Amazon Go, the company’s cashier-less convenience stores will allow customers to purchase products through a smartphone app without having to pay at a checkout counter. This new store, rather, will have a conventional checkout experience. But it will have smart shopping carts called Dash Carts, that will allow you to bypass the checkout line. Also the carts will be able to detect which items you will place in the cart and automatically charge your Amazon account as you leave. The cart won’t be able to handle heavy shopping trips, however, as Amazon says it’s suited for holding one or two bags of groceries.

Each cart will also have a touch screen for viewing your Alexa shopping list and your subtotal as you shop. Amazon has expressed interest in selling heath and beauty items at its new chain in addition to groceries. Amazon is considering building new grocery stores that would be centered on pickup and delivery and would include a separate section where shoppers could pick out fresh groceries. And the one way Amazon may differentiate its own chain from Whole Foods is by offering a different selection of products at a lower price point.

Will these supermarkets change the whole idea of grocery shopping and will other supermarkets tend to innovate as well?

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